PRESCHOOL Professional Development

All of my workshops are designed to entertain and engage your early childhood educators through relatable content and laugher. Below, you will find the workshops I offer. I recommend getting on a call to see what your needs are and create a custom plan for you!

(Pronounced Yoga-Rah-Tay)

Participants will be introduced to a movement system that incorporates age appropriate martial arts and yoga while teaching essential life skills like respect and belly breathing.

The Yogarate® class begins with high energy body strength building and respect-filled martial arts, then flows smoothly into yoga with a few sun salutations followed by an age appropriate calming meditation.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to teach a full 30 minute Yogarate® class.


  • Walk through a sun salutation combining movements and identify different types of deep breathing for different situations.
  • Develop the skills to teach two self defense martial arts techniques through a four step process
  • Examine a new method of communicating aligned with the human body design for maximum understanding from child or adult

Captain of the Ship
(Director/Principal Workshop)

Being a director/principal means wearing many hats. Whether you are accommodating a parent or guiding a teacher, having flexibility and the ability to lead by example allows for greater success. Imagine learning a different way of speaking to successfully communicate with parents, teachers and students effectively.

  • How to eliminate certain phrases and words to achieve a successful solution to a problem
  • How to handle challenging parents & staff effectively and calmly
  • Leading with kindness vs commands
  • 3 breathing techniques to increase energy or calm oneself immediately
  • How to train children (and adults) to follow instructions without resistance
  • How to entice staff to be prepared to contribute in staff meetings
  • How to delegate responsibilities to grow and inspire staff to improve teacher retention and discover future leaders from within

Body & Mind
(Health & Wellness)

Teachers love the results and the way they feel after this workshop is over. Ron does this by showing them how to:

  • Strengthen their bodies
  • Relieve pain that could affect their teaching
  • Walk into a school environment with a calm mind while leaving negativity behind
  • Avoid reacting to various high-stress situations
  • Meditate for 5 minutes to improve their alertness and effectiveness throughout the day

continuing professional development,behavior management strategies

THE Behavior Mastery™ WORKSHOP: Take Your Power BACK!

My Behavior Mastery™ Workshop workshop has received the highest praises from the educational world as being revolutionary and thought provoking in teaching effective behavior strategies that address the 95% of children that follow instructions easily AND the alpha boys and girls. They are usually stronger willed, smarter, faster, have more energy and are resistant to regular commands. These future leaders need to be nurtured differently!

Your staff will learn:

  • The importance of being an authority figure vs. a friend
  • How to interrupt attention seeking patterns immediately
  • How to effectively give an instruction without receiving resistance
  • How to practice an unemotional look to negate an unknowing negative reinforcer with a partner
  • How to transform the child with difficult challenging behaviors into the ultimate classroom leader
continuing professional development,behavior management strategies

THE (Team Heart Experience) workshop

This team building, mind awaking workshop is called THE (Team Heart Experience) workshop. Creating a vision for teachers themselves that aligns with the school is essential. Participants laugh while engaging in thought-provoking exercises, games and conversations that expose them to life-affirming experiences and concepts centered on getting to the root of the challenges within their school and classroom. Participants leave more connected and committed to their entire team’s success as if it was their own.

how to stop bullying, continuing professional development

Breaking the Bullying Circle
(Effective Bullying Solutions)

This program is only for schools that are truly looking to learn how to stop bullying entirely. This program stops bullying by training educators to:

  • Recognize the signs of bullying before they become worse
  • Teach their students effective techniques to avoid being bullied
  • Be powerful and responsible and have a cleaning up conversation when they accidentally and unknowingly create a victim who will eventually turn into a bully

An adult bullies a child accidentally -> child feels diminished and a loss of power is created -> child leaves classroom feeling weak -> child looks for a way to get power back -> victim becomes bully.

The adult has the power to stop this before their child leaves their classroom and becomes a bully. It's time to admit the truth. Some adults accidentally bully a child. Now is the opportunity to be responsible, powerful and brave. Take action. Call or email now.

"We got some good responses from staff about our latest teacher professional development workshop. Two actually called and said that they really got some good information out of it....very unusual ;-)   I thought that it was very useful....I have never seen a trainer give instant feedback to the staff the way that you did. I thought that that piece was unique and on really target for front line staff. It was interesting to see who stepped up as leaders in the group...very telling. I was impressed with the participation that you were able to get from the group! I liked your hands on approach.... can't wait to have you back!"

Kathleen A. Mueller, School Age Child Care Coordinator, Kingston Elementary SACC Office

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