These days children absorb a tremendous amount of information on a continuous basis at a faster rate than ever before. The same goes for the amazing educators who adapt their teaching to accomidate their students' learning styles. This is why Ron specializes in ensuring that all his school programs communicate 3 ideas effectively and efficiently for optimal learning and retention. Each school program provides these unique tools AND allows for the hands on opportunity to practice what they learned inside the program.This way the participants, whether students or educators, will immediately feel the joy and success that day in their minds and bodies and enhance the excitement to try out what they learned in their own environment.

All programs are research based. We provide continuing professional development and school assemblies on how to stop bullying, behavior management strategies and stranger danger for kids. Feel free to browse our program pages. Multiple programs can be combined that compliment each other with school assemblies and educator trainings for a truly powerful learning experience.

School Assemblies

Educator Staff Development

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