Energizing Early Childhood Educators 
with Hilarious and unprofessional Mind OPENING Keynote, Workshop and in-service Experiences they'll never forget!


Ron treats his workshops like a preschool classroom. Expect a whole lotta moving, stretching, laughing, and having a good time! Everything is done by using relatable stories, videos, and music. No reading and no powerpoints ALLOWED!

Referral Program - Get up to $1,000!

I love to share what I make with wonderful teachers who refer me to their centers or friends in the industry! I give up to $1,000 to anyone who refers and I get a booking! The process is simple: When the organizer confirms that the referral was from you, you will get $1,000 from the first deposit when I am booked for a LIVE keynote, training or virtual! 


More About RON

Ron "SHUA" Shuali, M.Ed. has been called the “Messiah of the Mind" and the "Behavior Master". His laughter filled keynotes, workshops and assemblies are always full of eye opening experiences as audiences have multiple “Ah-HA!” moments. His speaking style and commitment to being real results in audiences awakening their minds to new possibilities in understanding how to truly identify, address and actually SOLVE problems in the following areas:

  • Behavior Mastery
  • Social Justice
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Management Training
  • Staff Retention
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building
  • Physical and Mental Well Being
  • Workplace Morale and Joy
  • VIRTUAL Training Challenges

RON has presented dynamic and value-filled keynotes and workshops for the following conferences:

    • Florida AEYC 2020 State Conference (Virtual) 
    • California AEYC 2021 State Conference (Virtual)
    • Florida Family Child Care Association 2021 State Conference  
    • Wisconsin Family Child Care Association 2021 State Conference 
    • Minnesota Head Start State Conference 2022
    • New Jersey Head Start State Conference 2022
    • Florida Family Child Care Association 2020 State Conference (Virtual) 
    • New York AEYC 2018 State Conference 
    • Maryland State Family Child Care Association 2018 State Conference 
    • New Jersey AEYC 2019 State Conference 
    • North Dakota Child Care Providers 2019 State Conference 
    • Gulf Coast – Texas AEYC 2019 State Conference 
    • South Carolina Early Childhood Association 2020 State
    • Conference 
    • National Head Start Association 2020 National Conference(Virtual)

    Watch Clips from recent National Head Start Conferences!

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