Full Day Teacher In-Service

A Day of Laughter, LEADership & Learning for the Mind, Body & Spirit!

Behavior Mastery  ~  Stress Relief  ~  Team Building  ~ Social Emotional Training ~ Improving Communication with Students, Staff and Parents  ~ Mindfulness  ~  Increasing Joy in the Classroom  ~   Health and Wellness ~  Bullying Solutions  ~  Getting Out of Stuck, Unproductive Patterns  and much more!

One amazing day of Continuing Professional Development

Your staff will begin their morning with either the Empowered Educator or Escaping the Matrix of Your Mind keynote where they will be learning about how to take 100% responsibility for their classrooms by implementing a highly effective behavior modification system and engaging in a thought provoking and eye-opening discussion on what is truly happening in their children's minds as opposed to what the teacher thinks is happening. This portion of the day will end as we all break for lunch. An optional small group lunch assignment is suggested.

The second part of the day will begin with an interactive workshop on how to deter bullying. We will discuss how to handle bullying situations when the bully is a child... or a parent. Your staff will learn how to help a child stop being a bully and how to verbally disarm an angry parent.

Then we move to the team building, mind awaking workshop called THE (Team Heart Experience) workshop. Creating a vision for teachers themselves that aligns with the school is essential. Participants laugh while engaging in thought-provoking exercises, games and conversations that expose them to life-affirming experiences and concepts centered on getting to the root of the challenges within their school and classroom. Participants leave more connected and committed to their entire team’s success as if it was their own.

We continue the day with a segment called “Body and Mind”. The time will fly by as the next hour or so will be full of stress relieving stretching and strengthening movements to reduce and potentially eliminate aches and pains in the body in the areas of the lower back, knees, wrists, neck and sciatic area.

Lastly, we finish with a relaxing, deep breathing meditation that shows your staff how to keep the stressors of outside life outside of the school and away from our children.

AND If the above isn't exactly what you are looking for, I will gladly mix and match different keynotes and workshops to accommodate your specific school challenges and needs for a laughter filled educational experience that will have your staff talking about this day for months to come!

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