School Assemblies

"Your school assembly was a hit with Woodland’s students and staff. The high energy performance really got them moving and kept them engaged. The positive messages to get active and the power of choice were motivating and fit right in with Red Ribbon and Violence Prevention Week. The small group discussions about bully prevention strategies were beneficial as well. They reinforced the messages of the assembly and provided a forum for further discussion about bully prevention and the consequences of bullying. The “power look” taught to our students and staff is strategy we continue to use. Thanks again for a great assembly!"

Jamie Newcomb, Guidance Counselor, Woodland Elementary School, Monroe Township,NJ

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Saming: Social Justice to Create a Loving World

What if your students. teachers and parents could shift their mindsets from a mindset conditioned to look for the differences in each other to a mindset trained to look for the similarities instead?

This powerful assembly program introduces the participants to concepts like:

  • Saming - Intentionally looking for the similarities in each other
  • The "And?" Shield - A powerful tool against being shamed by someone for being different
  • Big Belly and Cold breathing for self-regulation
  • How to learn about another person quickly and lovingly through magical questions

And to truly make an impact to your entire school culture, consider staff and parent workshops as well!

Yogarate® (Social E-Motional Mindfulness)

Your students will get the entire gym shaking with Yensei. An experience that won't be forgotten! The children will learn:

  • Self defense techniques that will give them confidence without physical contact
  • Body weight Powercises to increase flexibility, heart and lung power and energy
  • Different ways to breathe to increase focus or to calm oneself down (self-regulation)
  • How to support their friends in their self-regulation
  • A full body stretching and strengthening Sun Salutation to increase body strength, gross motor skills and overall happiness and calmness

If every student makes one positive change towards their mental and physical health, then that is success! NamastAHYAH!

how to stop bullying, school assemblies

Breaking the Bullying Circle
(Effective Bullying Solutions)

Yensei Ron Shuali, M.Ed teaches the children how to stop getting bullies using mental martial arts techniques. NO PHYSICAL MARTIAL ARTS ARE DEMONSTRATED OR DISCUSSED. This program will:

  • Teach the bullies how to choose how to stop bullying others
  • Teach the victims effective tools to walk away with confidence
  • Teach the bystanders why helping isn't tattling

Can also be combined with parents for immensely increased retention.

THE (Team Heart Experience) Social Emotional School Assembly

Creating a loving partnership for students and staff. 

Would you like your students to: 

  • Have more empathy and care about their fellow classmates more?
  • Treat each other and their teachers with more respect?
  • Understand that only they can make themselves upset?
  • Take more responsibility for their actions?
  • Eliminate self-created expectations to reduce anxiety and potential suicide?
  • Understand how truly powerful they are and take action to help your school culture? 

This social emotional mind and heart opening assembly is unique as your staff members participate as fully as your students. Through partner and group activities, everyone involved (including your teachers) learn more about their automatic patterns and behavior that has them unknowingly be oppositional towards each other without even realizing what they are doing. When a child starts a sentence with “It upsets me when she…”, then shifts to “She upsets me when she…” and then ends with “I upset me when I…” then the magic happens. As your students and staff open themselves to new mindsets, they choose to become happier and that energy spreads throughout the school. The joy in the faces as students release themselves from their own upset is a sight to see. Would you like to experience this in your school?

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