Youth Sports Conditioning

This clinic is designed for the youth athlete who wants to grow to be a success adult athlete.

Your athletes will experience a program that will strengthen their bodies and minds together.

The clinic consists of the following components:

  • A stretching system consisting of dynamic stretching to ensure full muscle warm up for optimal sports performance and post training static stretching for increasing flexibility and recovery time.
  • 4 body weight exercises for kids that increase range of motion, power, lung capacity, core and overall body strength while reducing potential ankle rolls and knee/shoulder injury.
  • The importance of proper nutrition and hydration for faster muscle recovery.
  • Techniques and conversations to empower kids how to stop bullying by teaching bullies to stop being bullies, victims to stand up for themselves instead of being intimidated, and the remaining bystanders to help solve the problem instead of adding to it. These are essential life skills for kids.

This clinic is designed for all athletes of any gender.
From football to cheerleading, this clinic will be one of the most important
your athlete will ever attend.