The Best online ECE professional development your teachers ever will attend! 

Ditch those boring webinars and say hello to virtual UNprofessional Development interactive sessions that will leave your teachers laughing, learning, and excited to put their hearts back in the classroom.

Virtual PD Training that leaves your professionals feeling like a kid again!

What if it could actually recharge your early childhood educators batteries and leave them excited to bring new skills back to their classroom? We’ve all been there. Endless slide decks, forgettable quizzes, and the same tired topics presented in the driest way possible. It's no wonder so many teachers switch off when it comes to online professional development. But it doesn't have to be this way!

UNprofessional Development: The Refreshing Difference

Imagine PD that's actually enjoyable – where you laugh, connect with your inner child, and learn valuable skills without feeling like you're back in a college lecture hall. That's what we're all about!

About Your Trainer

I'm Ron Shuali, M.Ed., and I'm on a mission to make professional development fun, effective, and accessible for early childhood educators. My 20 years of classroom experience fueled my passion for finding fresh, engaging approaches that leave early childhood professionals inspired and equipped with real-world strategies. 

Traditional professional development often falls short.  It can feel dry, impersonal, and disconnected from real-world experience. That's why I created UNprofessional Development - a fresh, engaging approach that gets results!

Why This Virtual PD Will Get Your Early Childhood Education Teachers Excited

  • Playful Learning! Forget those snooze-worthy PowerPoints! Our virtual sessions are packed with laughter, movement, and activities designed to reconnect you with your inner child. Learn essential skills while having a blast!

  • Learning Like You Did in Preschool (but with Grown-Up Topics): Remember how much fun early learning was back then? We bring that same energy and engagement to our online training. Interactive activities, relatable videos, and music that gets you moving make sure the information sticks – and you actually enjoy the process!

  • World-Class Training at an Affordable Price: Get access to expert-led training at a fraction of the cost of in-person professional development workshops. Focus your budget on what matters most – your impact on young children.

  • Instructor is Still in the Classroom: You won't be lectured to by some disconnected talking head. I'm still in the trenches, facing the same challenges you do. This translates into practical tips and strategies you can use immediately to see improvement in your classroom.

But the awesomeness doesn't stop after the online professional development training is done with our follow-up improvement plan!

3 Months of Ongoing Support: We offer 3 months of personalized coaching to help your educators implement the new skills they've learned and keep their learning journey going.

3 Months access to Full Self-Paced Course Library: Get 3 months FREE access to our extensive membership plan! This includes All our courses and a wealth of downloadable materials, video tutorials, cheat sheets, and ongoing resources to keep your teachers inspired and learning all year long.

Flexible Training Options

We offer a variety of training options to fit your specific needs and schedule:

  • 3-Hour Professional Development Training Sessions: Perfect for focusing on a specific topic.

  • 6-Hour Professional Development Training Sessions: For a more in-depth exploration of mindset and essential skills.

  • Custom Training Programs: Looking for something tailored specifically to your program's needs? We can design a custom training program to address your biggest challenges. Min. workshop time is an hour and half.

Professional Development Trainings that re-Ignite Passion in Early Childhood Education:

  • Behavior Mastery: Ditch the power struggles! Learn heart-centered techniques for joyful classrooms, respectful interactions, and empowered kids (even those extra-spirited little ones).
  • Body & Mind: Say goodbye to teacher burnout! Discover stress-busting stretches, breathing exercises, and mindfulness tools to boost your well-being AND create a calmer classroom environment.
  • Yogarate: Learn how to teach a YOGARATE class and incorporate a unique blend of movement, self-regulation, respect-building activities, and pure fun to your classroom!
  • Captain of the Ship Learn Fun-Centered Leadership. Equip your leaders with the skills they need for smooth program management, effective parent communication, and a team of happy, supported teachers.

Our trainings are designed to address the most critical areas of early childhood education, while keeping your professionals engaged and energized.

Captain of the Ship
(Director Workshop)

Being a director/principal means wearing many hats. Whether you are accommodating a parent or guiding a teacher, having flexibility and the ability to lead by example allows for greater success. Imagine learning a different way of speaking to successfully communicate with parents, teachers and students effectively. At the end of the  early childhood professional development workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • How to eliminate certain phrases and words to achieve a successful solution to a problem
  • How to handle challenging parents & staff effectively and calmly
  • Leading with kindness vs commands
  • 3 breathing techniques to increase energy or calm oneself immediately
  • How to train children (and adults) to follow instructions without resistance
  • How to entice staff to be prepared to contribute in staff meetings
  • How to delegate responsibilities to grow and inspire staff to improve teacher retention and discover future leaders from within

Body & Mind
(Health & Wellness)

Teachers love the results and the way they feel after this workshop is over. At the end of the early childhood professional development workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Strengthen their bodies
  • Relieve pain that could affect their teaching
  • Walk into a school environment with a calm mind while leaving negativity behind
  • Avoid reacting to various high-stress situations
  • Meditate for 5 minutes to improve their alertness and effectiveness throughout the day

(Pronounced Yoga-Rah-Tay)

Participants will be introduced to a movement system that incorporates age appropriate martial arts and yoga while teaching essential life skills like respect and belly breathing.

The Yogarate® class begins with high energy body strength building and respect-filled martial arts, then flows smoothly into yoga with a few sun salutations followed by an age appropriate calming meditation.

By the end of the early childhood professional development workshop, participants will be able to teach a full 30 minute Yogarate® class.


  • Walk through a sun salutation combining movements and identify different types of deep breathing for different situations.
  • Develop the skills to teach two self defense martial arts techniques through a four step process
  • Examine a new method of communicating aligned with the human body design for maximum understanding from child or adult

Behavior Mastery™
(Challenging Behaviors) 

My Behavior Mastery™ has received the highest praise from the educational world as being revolutionary and thought-provoking in teaching effective behavior strategies that address the 95% of children that follow instructions easily AND the alpha boys and girls. They are usually stronger willed, smarter, faster, have more energy, and are resistant to regular commands. These future leaders need to be nurtured differently!

At the end of the early childhood professional development workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • The importance of being an authority figure vs. a friend
  • How to interrupt attention seeking patterns immediately
  • How to effectively give an instruction without receiving resistance
  • How to practice an unemotional look to negate an unknowing negative reinforcer with a partner
  • How to transform the child with difficult challenging behaviors into the ultimate classroom leader

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