Full Day Teacher In-ServiceS

I offer two options for full six hour day experiences that are designed to change your staff by   connecting them to their hearts, bodies and minds.

option A: Behavior Mastery

Spend the day exploring Behavior Mastery as we dive deep into a day of laughter, connectivity, understanding the behaviors of ourselves and others, identifying trauma and creating steps to heal it, magical partner and group activities to practice the power of Behavior Mastery immediately.

Sprinkled throughout the day will be different types of breathwork, funny teachable moment videos, stretches to relieve pain in the neck, sciatic, lower back, knee and carpal tunnel areas and team building activities to keep the entire day flowing with energy and learning!


Option B: A Day of Laughter, Leadership &
Learning for the Mind, Body & Spirit!

Behavior Mastery  ~  Stress Relief  ~  Team Building  ~ Social Emotional Training ~ Improving Communication with Students, Staff and Parents  ~ Mindfulness  ~  Increasing Joy in the Classroom  ~   Health and Wellness ~  Bullying Solutions  ~  Getting Out of Stuck, Unproductive Patterns  and much more!

Your staff will begin their morning with the Empowered Educator keynote where they will be learning about how to joyfully take 100% responsibility for their classrooms. This magic happens by engaging in a thought provoking, eye-opening adventure full of sing alongs and comedic videos used for teachable moments. We discover the passed down programming that teachers have and help them break out of stuck, repetitive patterns that leads to burn out. We learn how to play more in the classroom and in life. And sprinkled throughout the morning will be a variety of stretches. As they access more joy, they'll relieve lower back, neck, sciatic and carpal tunnel pain. They break for lunch feeling alive, powerful and with much less mental stress than they came in with. 

The second part of the day will begin with Behavior Mastery! The staff learn an immediately effective and highly efficient 5 part behavior modification system that aligns with Conscious Discipline and the Pyramid Model. Behavior Mastery combines auditory, visual and kinesthetic cues, up to date brain science, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and pure silliness into an almost perfect system. The highlight of Behavior Mastery is the attention and love given to transform the neuro-divergent, expectational, oppositional King and Queen of the classroom into your Senpais (Martial arts assistant instructors). We also take 2 games from the mind awaking team building workshop called THE (Team Heart Experience) and intermix them within Behavior Mastery to keep the day moving. Your staff will watch real life videos of these tools working in a preschool classroom. It's powerfully fun!

Lastly the day is finished with Ron putting on his Yensei (Yogi~Sensei) attire and ending the day with games, breathing and fun surprises that bring out the giggling, pure joy and belly laughter that will re-connect them with their inner children. They will walk into their classrooms refreshed, rejuvenated and anew in the eyes of their kids!!


If the above isn't exactly what you are looking for, I will gladly mix and match different keynotes and workshops to accommodate your specific school challenges and needs for a laughter filled educational experience that will have your staff talking about this day for months to come!