Attention Parents!

As parents, your first concern is the safety and well-being of your children. You do your best to educate them in every possible topic like mathematics, literature, science and health just to name a few. As their school teachers and you handle those areas, consider what other life skills for kids they will need. Like the skill of swimming, your child may never get into a pool and use this skill for recreation yet if they fell into a body of water, you would be certainly glad they could. Now consider the following questions and ask yourself if your child possesses the following essential life skills:

  • Handling a bully making fun of them
  • Handling a bully hitting them in school
  • Handling a bully hitting them outside of school
  • Handling a bully making fun of them on the computer
  • Stopping an adult from abducting their friends
  • Stopping an adult from abducting them

If you aren't 100% certain that they have learned these life skills, then consider reading about the programs available. Like swimming, you'll be glad that your child learned these skills. Their lives may someday depend on it.

Don't be that parent that assumes their child's school is teaching these life skills like how to stop bullying or stranger danger for kids. Be the parent that makes sure their child learns them and practices them in the event that it happens.

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