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Is this your staff during regular trainings?

We’ve all had to sit through a snooze fest training with a dreaded Powerpoint preszzzzzzzz that barely provides any value other than giving you a seat to take a mid conference nap. 

Often, those speakers haven't worked with kids directly in years and are preaching you things you KNOW from EXPERIENCE that won’t work. They talk at you without connecting with you.

Classroom-Focused Techniques for early childhood Staff delivered by a Hysterically Entertaining

Early Childhood Educator that is STILL in a Classroom.

A child's learning environment needs to be entertaining AND educational. Imagine if your team's professional development was as well! This...is Edutainment. Early childhood staff need a range of 12-24 clock hours of professional development per year. It’s time to experience laughter-filled trainings, keynotes, and workshops that leave a long-lasting impact on Head Starts, centers, family child cares and home based educators.

I provide solutions that are real-world tested and have worked with thousands of students from all backgrounds.  My techniques are constantly updated with my own students in the classroom. 

Children’s brains are updating faster than your smartphone! They need to be engaged, listened to and receive the gifts that you and your staff can give them. And I’m here to help!


in service training for teachers, early childhood professional development, and Head Start trainings

Using my BEHAVIOR MASTERY system, I AM ABLE TO manage ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS WITH OVER 100 KIDS and classrooms of preschoolers with ease, joy and confidence! I WANT TO SHOW YOU HOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!

`Refocusing over 100 kids in less than 30 seconds

Pattern interrupts and pre frames 

My commitment is to empower, entertain and engage staff in
taking on challenges like:

  • CHALLENGING BEHAVIORS: Understanding how to provide children with challenging behaviors the support they need.
  • BURN OUT: Staying fully committed to the achievement and growth of the students and themselves in the face of circumstances.
  • EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL STRESS: Handling mental and physical stressors inside and outside of the classroom.
  • INEQUALITY: Creating and maintaining a Win-Win environment and culture starting with the administration and staff.

Headstarts!  DID YOU KNOW The Office of Head Start released an information memorandum on supporting the wellness of all staff in the Head Start workforce?

Staff wellness is vital to child well-being. Successfully supporting staff starts with staff wellness. Staff who are happier, healthier, less stressed, and experience less depression are able to engage in higher quality interactions with children.

Programs you can book for your next training to support the Head Start Wellness Initiative:

  • Body & Mind for the Stressed out Educator (Stretching, breathing, and meditation to relieve stress)
  • Yogarate (Child development, physically active learning activities, and self-regulation)
  • Behavior Mastery System (Innovative strategies for challenging behaviors)

Your future staff wellness trainings can be funded from the following ACTs:

  • ARP (American Rescue Plan)
  • CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security)
  • CRRSA (Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations)

Book Me For 2024-2025 And Get Up To $3,000 In-Kind Donation.

It's my commitment to go above and beyond when it comes to giving back to Head Starts. This is why I offer in kind donations from my speaking fees to Head Start Associations and their training partners. Email me at Ron@RonSpeak.com for more details!

More Raving Reviews from early childhood Staff 

I have presented dynamic and value-filled keynotes and workshops for the following conferences:

  • New York AEYC 2018 State Conference 
  • Maryland State Family Child Care 2018 State Conference 
  • New Jersey AEYC 2019 State Conference 
  • North Dakota Child Care Providers 2019 State Conference 
  • Gulf Coast – Texas AEYC 2019 State Conference 
  • South Carolina Early Childhood 2020 State Conference 
  • National Head Start 2020 National Conference
  • Florida Family Child Care 2020 State Conference
  • Florida AEYC 2020 State Conference 
  • California AEYC 2021 State Conference
  • Florida Family Child Care 2021 State Conference  
  • Wisconsin Family Child Care 2021 State Conference 
  • Minnesota Head Start State Conference 2022
  • New Jersey Head Start State Conference 2022
  • Missouri Conference on the Young Years 2023
  • Illinois Head Start State Conference 2023
  • Georgia Family Child Care State Conference 2023
  • San Antonio Family Services Conference 2023
  • Houston TXAEYC State Conference 2023


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