Camp Programs

(Health & Wellness)

Your campers will get the entire gym shaking with Yensei. An experience that won't be forgotten! The children will learn:

  • 3 Self defense techniques that will give them confidence without physical contact
  • 3 Body weight Powercises to increase flexibility, heart and lung power and energy
  • 3 Different ways to breathe to increase focus or to calm oneself down
  • A full body stretching and strengthening Sun Salutation to increase body strength, gross motor skills and overall happiness and calmness

If every camper makes one positive change towards their health, then that is success!

Breaking the Bullying Circle
Staff Program

A bully steps off the bus for the first day of camp. Being a bully in school worked in his favor. Now he looks for his first target. Imagine that bully being greeted by bus drivers and counselors trained in an evidence-based transformational mentorship system that creates a safe space of compassion, fun, and energy.

This program will open the eyes of those attending by identifying the true reasons that bullying starts and quietly continues. Participants in this workshop will experience a deeper understanding of why bullying occurs in camp and at home. Every participant may choose to experience what their children feel so that they can empathize and transform their environment into a bully-free and unified safe environment. Only through the eyes of the bully and the victim can we truly take on the responsibility and power to lead our campers and counselors.

Breaking the Bullying Circle in Your Camp
Assembly program for campers and staff

Campers and staff will learn together how to partner towards reducing bullying in the camp that they will share their summer experience in. Potential bullies are taught how to discover who, or what, triggers them to bully and solutions to stop feeling the need to bully others.

Victims are taught two effective techniques for walking away from a bully, powerfully and proudly without, any hurt.

Finally, bystanders are taught why letting someone know that someone else is getting bullied is not tattling and how to work together to help their fellow campers.

This program will help your campers and staff to be safe while having a fun experience that they can tell their friends and family about.

Effective Game Transitioning
(Team Building)

Do your campers space off when they have just a few minutes of downtime? Bullying and other challenging behaviors can spawn with just a few moments of ineffectively used time.

The goal of this program is to teach your staff how to transition from activity to activity without having campers lose focus or excitement.

Staff members will teach how to play new games and learn to transition from one game to the next. They get to be the counselors and the kids! And, just to add more value to the training, participants will learn an evidence based, immediately effective behavior management system being used in schools across the country.

A highly trained staff – wasted transition time = happier campers, staff, and you!

Camps to Champs!
(Behavior Management)

Each camper and counselor shows up to your camp with their own interpretation of what rules apply to them and what rules do not. This mindset could lead to a miscommunication of expectations between staff and campers, and that leads to a less favorable camp experience for all.

This workshop will give your staff the framework for why campers exhibit negative behaviors and then propose solutions for addressing them. We will demonstrate auditory, visual and kinesthetic techniques that meet many different learning styles.

Participants will experience the same positive physical and emotional sensations that their campers will experience. This system has been proven effective for eliminating negative behaviors in children as young as 12 month to middle school.

Participants will also working with partners and in groups to practice new techniques with their peers. Coaching will be provided to instantly improve these new skills. 

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