Welcome to my corporate event training page! My commitment is to provide a tremendous amount of value and comedy to your staff and management where they learn about their hidden blind spots so they can be aware of them, access them and then transform their mindsets to benefit your organization and their personal lives. Enjoy the video clip below and if you think your organization is ready for a heart opening and mind freeing transformation, reach out and let's create the next level of your world. I appreciate you and your time! 

THE (Team Heart Experience) Workshop 
(Team Building & Social Awareness)

Participants enjoy the opportunity to play games and interact with their teammates, working together towards a common goal. Leadership and communication skills will be used and improved as we demonstrate effective listening skills, rephrase verbiage to promote positivity and learn how to maintain a happy work environment by decreasing our own negative self-talk.

  • Provide a practical overview of team dynamics
  • Give each participant insight about their style and the styles of others on the team
  • Offer solid tactics for communicating better within the team
  • Identify trigger words and phrases
  • Provide multiple exercises to allow for self-discovery and open conversations
  • Participants will be empowered with an understanding that they are responsible for their own happiness, in and outside of the workplace

REP Workshop (Mental Wellness)
When we do REPs we increase the strength within!

Responsibility - What am I thinking and is it real?  You are responsible for the thoughts that create the scenarios you live. Ron will point to behaviors that most, if not all, of the attendees will relate to which will  immediately create a shift that in attendees' mindset to own their responsibility. 

Expectations - Why didn't they do that when I thought they should? Attendees will quickly gain access to a quick and easy way to build effective and efficient systems and processes within their team.  If we only think about a great idea, our team will not know about it.  Communicate expectations and see results!

Pause - Who benefits when we are mindful?  Ron will run through an interactive word game with an attendee to show how often our robotic responses are negative.  Ron will easily show attendees how to pause before responding to share information that is mindful and positive.

B.E.S.T. (Staff Wellness)
Busy Employee’s Solution to Training

Sick days, carpal tunnel pain, back aches, stress, and depression are just some causes for decreased focus and efficiency. This is a major problem in many small and large businesses. Luckily every problem has a solution. The only solution for your company is the B.E.S.T. solution.

The Busy Employee’s Solution to Training (B.E.S.T.) is a fun and dynamic workshop that will have your employees stretching and strengthening their muscles, learning how to breathe properly, and reducing and relieving continuous work hindering pains like carpal tunnel, neck, lower back, sciatic, and knee pain, all from the comfort of their chairs. As they get stronger and healthier, they get happier and more effective. As they remove nagging pains, they become happier and more effective.

Breaking the Bullying Circle (HR mandates)
The bully doesn’t only exist in the school yard

Workplace bullying develops from a compulsive need to displace aggression and is often an expression of perceived inadequacy (social, personal, interpersonal, behavioral, professional). Bully's project their own perceived inadequacies onto others through control and subjugation (criticism, exclusion, isolation etc).

What if your employees would work hard for your company without having any feelings of spite or competition towards each other? Would you be interested in learning effective communication skills that would help employees feel empowered rather than intimidated? You don’t like to be told what to do, so why would your staff?

These techniques have been shown to reinforce positive work behaviors as employees are given choices instead of commands. Showing your employees how to get past their own challenges works better than just assuming they know what to do. Bring in Ron to energize, empower, and enlighten your organization.