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Need a dynamic early childhood podcast guest? Ron Shuali is an experienced early childhood educator who has developed his own unique behavior system that has proven to be highly effective in his classroom. He currently still teaches his YOGARATE classes, and train hundreds of preschool teachers a year on his own system, Behavior Mastery.

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About Ron Shuali M.Ed.

Speaker & Author

Ron Shuali, M.Ed. has spent over 15 years working and presenting in the education marketplace. He is a best selling author, top motivational speaker and presenter with expertise in the preschool through middle school arena. Ron presents keynote addresses, continuing professional development workshops and school assemblies in schools and conferences nationally and locally. His ability to awaken the minds of students and schools expands into the corporate world as well. All participants laugh, listen and learn to succeed.


Creator of Behavior Mastery

Behavior Mastery is a brain and body based social-emotional behavior management system that starts with mastery of oneself. As you, the adult connects more with your heart and inner child, you experience & understand how creating Win-Win environments benefits you and the children that look up to you. Behavior Mastery aligns with developmentally appropriate practices and is based in brain science.



Behavior Mastery did not have its beginnings in a typical education setting.

Ron Shuali was participating in a non-traditional education seminar that focused on the study of what it is to be a human being. In this seminar Ron recalled teaching karate to his little cousin as one of the first times he ever experienced joy in doing something outside his indie wrestling career. Following his heart, Ron began teaching at a martial arts school where he learned dojo etiquette and behavior strategies which would lay the foundation of what would later become Behavior Mastery.

Fast forwarding a few years, Ron was invited to teach martial arts at a local preschool and with his “Yes, And!” mindset, he agreed. On January 16th, 2005 he stepped into his first preschool. At first, Ron felt on top of the world when he started his new class and saw all the eager faces ready to learn something he had created. Quickly, his initial optimism was replaced with intense emotions, when one child challenged his authority during his first class. Upsetting thoughts raced through his mind as he struggled to stay composed. – “How dare he not respect me?”, he thought. Then he realized…that child used to be him!

Instead of staying angry, Ron took 2 deep breaths and began to remember what it was like being in his shoes; the countless times he had caused trouble as a kid looking for attention. After he made that connection, his classes were never the same again. 

He understood that the response to behaviors come from programming and that as a teacher he needed to be win-win for everyone to benefit. He needed to change HIS behaviors, not the children. He was definitely not at the dojo anymore.

It wasn’t until he discovered yoga that he was inspired to create an entirely new program—YOGARATE™! A unique blend of yoga and martial arts movements, Yogarate™  helps students find success both physically & mentally. Since 2006 Ron has been working to perfect his Behavior Mastery System while teaching Yogarate™ in hundreds of preschools. This unique arrangement allowed him to record, obverse, and modify his system based on thousands of classes in real-time.

Using my BEHAVIOR MASTERY system, I AM ABLE TO manage ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS WITH OVER 100 KIDS and classrooms of preschoolers with ease, joy and confidence! I WANT TO SHOW Your audience HOW they CAN DO IT TOO!!

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